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Neat Tucks

Neat Tucks

Look professional all day long. Neat tucks are the greatest fashion accessory that you will never see. Simply fasten one Neat Tuck around each leg and attach the clips to the tail of your shirt. Neat Tucks keep your shirt nicely tucked into your pants all day long. The flat buckle has a center, top release that you can activate with one hand. Made of light weight fabric, Neat Tucks are perfect for wearing under fitted clothing like slacks, jeans, shorts and skirts. Shrink resistant. Machine wash or dry clean.
  • Details

    Flat buckle. Ideal for slimmer fitting slacks, jeans, skirts or shorts.

    ​​Sold as a pair.

    Carry pouch included.

    Light weight, shrink resistant
    Washable and dry cleanable
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